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Wandering Off (Backorder)

Publisher: Scholastic Asia
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  • Lucas faces a long, boring wait when his Mum goes shopping at the wet market, but a new friend helps him turn a dull afternoon into an exciting, fun-filled one. This energetic and colourful story celebrates the power of the imagination and how it can transform the world into anything at all.

  • As daydreamers who never really grew up. it’s not hard to see why Wendy Aw and Alan Choong are drawn to the world of children’s books. Besides spaceships and dinosaurs, they too share a love for reading. Together, the Singaporean duo has published posters, brochures and banners; but Wandering Off is their very first picture book.

ISBN: 9789810992743
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 30
Year Published: 2017