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Turbo Motivation: Igniting Your Inner Engine to Supercharge and Sustain Your Motivation

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  • If you observe the people around you, some may appear to be highly driven and motivated, while others may seem to be apathetic and less motivated in what they are doing. The ability to be motivated and sustain that motivation is a vital life skill to master, as it is an essential pillar that underpins successful goal achievement and happiness in our lives. This book is written by a university professor and a medical doctor, both well-established professionals who have successfully applied these motivation mastery principles to excel in their student years, professional careers, and personal life. This book provides you with a clear roadmap and scaffolded approach that empowers you to:

    • Gain valuable insights into your current state of personal motivation
    • Distinguish the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
    • Identify and overcome the demotivating roadblocks that are holding you back
    • Acquire practical strategies to become motivated and stay highly energised and focused

    When you fully realise the nuances of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and harness their powerful forces, you will find yourself equipped with the relevant strategies that will enable you to be highly energised and much more positively driven than ever before. This will motivate you to work towards accomplishing your goals effectively and efficiently, and live a fulfilling life filled with purpose, clarity, and happiness.

  • Prof (Dr) Kumaran Rajaram is a Senior Lecturer and Course Chair at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is a Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) Fellow, which is one of NTU’s Premier Scholars Programmes, and a Senior Research Fellow with CRADLE. Dr. Rajaram has a PhD with distinction in Business and Management (majoring in organisational science and cultural intelligence). He has received multiple school, university, and national level research grants and awards. He has served as an editor and reviewer, and has published articles in international journals and conferences. He has over 18 years of leadership and senior management experience in strategic and change management, organisational development, and management consulting. He has served as Section Head, Engineering, Director of Academic Affairs and Head, Strategy & Business Development for Asia Pacific, and then as CEO for a global leadership and change management consulting firm before he made the transition to research and education. Organisations to which he has offered his expert consulting services include Microsoft, General Electric, Energizer, Siemens, NCS, SIM Global Education, Ferrero Rocher, SINDA, and many more. Dr Rajaram is the Founder of the Research Lab for Learning Innovations and Culture of Learning—Innosolvlearn, Creative Solutions ( He is a practising C-Suite Executive Coach and Management Consultant in the area of leadership, people and culture, and change management.

    Dr Eugene Sern-Ting Tan is a Senior Consultant Dermatologist at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, where he currently serves as the Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, Chief of the Photodermatology Unit, and Head of the Teledermatology Workstream. His subspecialty interests include psoriasis, photodermatology, and photodynamic therapy. Over the years, Eugene has published over 30 research articles in regional and international scientific journals. He has co-authored three books on personal development, namely Love Clinic – How To Lose Your Bachelor’s Degree, Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery, and Turbo Motivation: Igniting Your Inner Engine to Supercharge and Sustain Your Motivation. He is also the co-editor of the book Phototherapy and Photodiagnostic Methods for the Practitioner. He volunteers as an ad-hoc reviewer for several medical journals and currently serves as the Chief Editor of the Journal of Business, Sciences, and Technology. As an invited speaker, Eugene has delivered numerous talks at various local and regional conferences. He is actively committed to teaching, with appointed educational roles in all three local medical schools. Eugene has a keen interest in personal development and believes that igniting and sustaining self-motivation is an essential skill for anyone who desires greater achievement and happiness in life.

ISBN: 9789811713569
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 172
Year Published: 2022
Size: 205mm x 128mm