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Super Scaling: Systemise, Break Free and Skyrocket Your Business to Millions

By: Alvin Poh
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  • You probably created your business because you wanted to solve real-world problems, and in the process achieve wealth and freedom. However, running your own show is often tougher than expected — you find yourself hustling with pure grit, making mistake after mistake, until you are frustrated and burnt out, especially if you are trying to scale up the company. If this sounds like where you are now, then this book is for you. Dive in and learn from the author’s own experience of how he scaled up his own company, achieved success and wealth, and broke free from the everyday grind.

  • “This book is designed to stop you from spinning your wheels and start scaling your business up to 7-figures consistently and beyond.”
    —Anna Haotanto, Partner and COO, ABZD Capital

    “If you aren’t using the strategies that Alvin talks about in this book, you’re nowhere close to
    hitting your potential in terms of profitability, time freedom, and happiness.”
    —Eric Yew, Executive Chairman and Director, Y Ventures Group

    “Alvin’s strengths are clearly in turning businesses into systems. This book is full of practical lessons that will always be applicable to any kind of business.”
    —Michael Lin, Managing Director and Owner, Auston Institute

    “This is the step-by-step manual to scaling up businesses that entrepreneurs need to read in order to prevent making costly mistakes and wasted time.”
    —Willie Lee, Managing Director, Big 3 Media

    “We always hear about new marketing strategies. However, this book is refreshing because it talks about the real topics that aren’t covered enough—systems, processes, operations, building and growing a team, and execution.”
    —Hong Ting Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, 2359 Media

    “Most entrepreneurs aren’t owners of their businesses; instead they are slaves to their businesses. Alvin shows you how to break free of this once and for all.”
    —Rio Lim, Entrepreneur and Investor

    “Alvin has put together a collection of the most practical steps that you can immediately take action on to increase your business value, revenue, and customers.”
    —Alan Phua, CEO and Co-Founder, Alchemy Foodtech

    “The time and money savings you can learn from this book is astounding. Alvin Poh has held nothing back in sharing the secrets of success in his entrepreneurship journey. The frameworks distilled within this book are timeless and will aid you well in your own business.”
    —Alvin Huang, CEO, Truegenics

    “If you’re looking to scale your business through a systematic and logical approach, Alvin has written the perfect book for it. These are the lessons from the business he exited, which he started without needing external funding.”
    —Yiping Goh, Partner, Quest Ventures

    “I’ve found Alvin’s book to be essential for entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up their businesses. If you want to get your business to the next level, you need to read this book now.”
    —Eric Feng, Social Media Strategist and Global Speaker

  • At the age of 33, Alvin Poh sold his internet business for $30 million. This was the business that he scaled up from scratch to become Singapore’s #1 hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150 before the 8-figure exit.

    Alvin spent the next few years travelling the world, exploring new hobbies like snowboarding, kite-surfing, and many more.

    In 2020, he returned to Singapore and developed the 5E Scale Engine, which was the framework he used to scale up his business. He coaches entrepreneurs, just like himself, on how to Super Scale their businesses so that they can achieve breakthrough profits and find time freedom.

ISBN: 9789811806476
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 200
Year Published: 2021
Size: 229mm x 152mm