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JJ's Science Adventures: Magnets

Publisher: Harvest Edutainment
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  • After receiving their birthday presents from their grandfather, Joyce and Jonathon find themselves in possession of two bags which transform into a talking robot (Robo) and a teleportation portal. With a set of keys from Robo, the kids open the portal into sub-dimensional world created by the ‘World  Maker’, an incredible invention by their grandfather to help them learn science.

    In this adventure, the twins journey into the World of Magnets where they discover the physical properties of magnets and solve challenging puzzle traps laid by their grandfather. Will they survive the constant sabotage by a Minion sent by Mr Sinister and win the prize, a piece of puzzle key which unlocks yet another secret?

    In this book, we provide additional information in the DID YOU KNOW and CHALLENGE YOURSELF sections. In the DID YOU KNOW section, readers will learn about additional uses of magnets in real life situations like MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) train and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan. In the CHALLENGE YOURSELF section, readers are tested on the scientific concepts of magnets.

  • As an educator, Aurelia Tan has encountered students with a myriad of different learning styles. Some of them are unable to reach their maximum potential owing to a mismatch between the way they acquire and process information and the way information is delivered to them. This has often impeded the students' ability to learn, particularly those with learning difficulties. It was also observed that most of these students are not motivated to read and many of them do not find Science interesting. Thus, Aurelia has endeavoured to produce an enjoyable learning tool - JJ's Science Adventure as an alternative medium for children to learn Science.

    Aurelia is trained as a primary school teacher at National Insitute of Education, Nanyang Technology University. She has more than a decade of teaching experience and has taught in local primary schools and in Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC). Aurelia pursued a psychology degree from Murdoch University (Australia) in 2008 and graduated with First Class Honours in 2011.

ISBN: 9789810776329
Page Count: 78
Year Published: 2013