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The Gratitude Leadership: Harnessing the Power Within to Bring Out the Best in Others

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  • Discover the remarkable power of GRATITUDE — the key that unlocks resilience, personal growth, and the path to becoming a better individual.

    Join author Gan Hock Chye as he shares what happens when gratitude, an emotion that often dissipates into the chaos of the everyday, takes centre stage in our lives. He also shows what happens when gratitude becomes the driving force behind our choices, how we lead, and how we connect with our families, teams, and communities. And he does not just tell you about gratitude; he invites you to experience its true essence with practical insights into nurturing gratitude as an integral part of your character and daily life.

    In addition, meet some remarkable individuals who have elevated gratitude to the forefront of their lives, shaping their interactions and leadership within their communities. Discover how this extraordinary mindset not only transforms them but also allows them to radiate positivity to everyone they come into contact with.

  • “In a world full of uncertainty and stress, embracing gratitude emerges as the key to finding solace and leading a more fulfilling life. Hock Chye’s book is a courageous exploration of his personal journey towards gratitude, a mindset that can free us from stress. Through its pages, he adeptly demystifies the intricate concept of gratitude, rendering it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. The inclusion of a straightforward yet impactful practice guide, along with tangible, locally rooted examples, resonates powerfully. These elements collectively illuminate the path to understanding and integrating gratitude into one’s daily existence.”
    —Mr Peter Yang Chief Executive Officer, Empact Pte Ltd

    “It gets better from chapter to chapter. Starts with almost an intellectual perspective, and develops into a pleasant and surprisingly practical guide on how one can be happy with gratitude practice. You can feel the author’s sincere wish to create a ripple effect for those wanting to share the recipe for a more beautiful world in a very calming and charming read. And in his own words, for those who want to arrive at a ‘calming presence within the heart’ and enjoy the lightness of being.”
    —Ms Amy Wang Founder, FashionKickstarter

    “In today’s fast-paced world, the significance of gratitude and its impact on mental health cannot be overstated. The Gratitude Leadership thoughtfully delves into these vital aspects. This book champions the power of gratitude in nurturing not only effective leadership but also personal well-being. It offers invaluable insights into cultivating a mindset that fosters positivity, resilience, and better mental health. An essential read for those navigating the demanding landscape of leadership while prioritising their mental wellness. The author has crafted a compelling guide that resonates with my passion for promoting mental health awareness in Singapore. The Gratitude Leadership is an inspiring addition to this crucial dialogue.”
    —Ms Tin Pei Ling Member of Parliament, Singapore

    “An easy to understand and inspirational read! Hock Chye shares with readers his life changing experiences and how practising gratitude leadership can improve daily lives, uplift the people we meet, and bring out the best in organisations.”
    —Mr Michael Quek, Vice President, CLSA

    The Gratitude Leadership is a practical guide to incorporating the habit of gratitude in our daily lives. It succinctly distils the best practices of gratitude and leadership of several leaders in the Singapore community and an authentic narrative of Hock Chye’s own journey.”
    —Ms Michelle Tan Vice President, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

    “In The Gratitude Leadership, the author masterfully weaves together the significance of preserving our cherished food culture and the enduring virtue of filial piety, offering a new and invigorating outlook on leadership. As a culinary enthusiast, I deeply admire how this book underscores the importance of tradition and the bonds of family. It reminds us that leadership transcends mere strategies and goals; it’s about nurturing a culture built on respect, gratitude, and empathy. This is an essential read for anyone triving to lead with authenticity while honouring their heritage. I applaud the author for delivering this profound and inspirational work.”
    —Mr Roger Koh Owner, Chen Fu Ji Pte Ltd

    (The following was originally written in Chinese and translated into English.)
    “To be a “Life Leader”, with a heart full of gratitude, in how you approach people and situations, as well as how you live life. This seemingly effortless behaviour often proves easier said than done. Hock Chye did not only consciously inject gratitude into his work and life, but he also published his years of embodied gratitude tips in writing. Whether it’s practising gratitude or writing this book, Hock Chye demonstrates through practical actions that he is the leader of his own life. This message that you can also be your own leader in life is more precious than the worldly definitions of ‘success’ in terms of official positions and wealth.

    As a friend of Hock Chye for many years, besides writing these few words to share and celebrate this sincere work that he has devoted years to complete, I have also received this ‘reminder’ to myself — to be humble and content in every moment of life, and to always hold onto gratitude and thankfulness. This is often taken for granted but is crucial to lead a fulfilling life.”
    —Ms Kuay Ying Xuan

    “This is an extraordinary book that revolutionises the way we perceive leadership by tapping into the transformative power of gratitude. With profound insight and a deep understanding of human connection and empowerment, the author skilfully weaves together the concepts of gratitude and leadership, presenting a powerful framework that has the potential to reshape our impact on the world. He expertly illustrates how fostering a culture of appreciation can elevate individuals and ignite a positive ripple effect throughout organisations and communities.

    As a seasoned entrepreneur and advocate of holistic leadership, I find myself particularly drawn to the book’s emphasis on self-awareness and mindfulness in leadership. The author’s guidance on tapping into our inner potential and channelling it towards the betterment of others encapsulates the true essence of servant leadership. It resonates deeply with my own experiences and convictions.

    The Gratitude Leadership is not just a guide; it is a manifesto for a new era of leadership founded on authenticity, empathy, and gratitude. This book serves as a timeless resource for individuals aspiring to make a meaningful impact in both their personal and professional spheres. I wholeheartedly commend the author for his dedication to illuminating the transformative power that resides within each of us.

    I enthusiastically recommend this book to leaders, aspiring leaders, and anyone seeking to unleash the boundless potential that lies within the intersection of gratitude and leadership.”
    —Dr Patrick Liew Executive Chairman, GEX Global Group; Award-Winning Entrepreneur

  • Gan Hock Chye is a multifaceted individual whose diverse expertise and passion for personal development have guided him on a remarkable journey. His degree in Social Work equips him with a profound understanding of human dynamics, empathy, and the importance of community engagement. This has been pivotal in shaping his perspective on leadership and the transformative power of gratitude. He also has a specialist diploma in Data Analytics and this technical proficiency has allowed him to bridge the gap between human-centric leadership and the ever-evolving digital landscape. With a strong educational foundation in social work and technopreneurship, he possesses a unique blend of empathy and innovation that sets him apart.

    Hock Chye’s extensive experience in change management within the private sector further underlines his ability to navigate complex organisational challenges. His insights into leading teams through transformational periods have been instrumental in his role as a thought leader in leadership and personal development. As a board member overseeing corporate governance, he contributes his strategic vision to organisations, emphasising ethical leadership, transparency, and accountability as the pillars of success.

ISBN: 9789811452888
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 148
Year Published: 2023
Size: 210mm x 148mm
Language: English