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Mortgage Free In 6 Years: A 7-Steps System to Achieve Financial Freedom

Publisher: SeriousBooks
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  • In the Asian context, debt is often regarded as a four-letter dirty word. Mortgage expert and contrarian property investor in Singapore, DARREN GOH, argues that it is exactly this misconception of debt that entraps most financially. When applied correctly with rigour and discipline, debt is the most powerful tool to help one realise that elusive dream of becoming financially-free. Indeed, the search for that perfect investment strategy could end with this book.

    Drawing on his vast knowledge in the realm of investment, real estate and mortgages, the author presents a unique financial model that could help liberate almost anyone from the burdens of servicing a mortgage after 6 years, subject to meeting of some tenable conditions.

    Mortgage Free In 6 Years caters not only to those seeking to free themselves of mortgages early, but people across all age groups looking to retire both asset rich and cash rich. It will open one’s eyes to see debt in a whole new light, and how there exists an almost perfect investment asset class in Singapore which is largely misunderstood and dismissed by Singaporeans themselves as too risky, technical and simply too boring (for the retirees). This book will reveal why that is so wrong! Foreigners to Singapore too can unearth this gem of investment through this book.

    Get ready to be shocked and awed, and break some rules.

  • “Darren Goh's Mortgage-Free In 6 Years is worth studying if you don't want to be tethered to a suffocating mortgage payment.”
    —Andrew Hallam, International Bestselling author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat, and Balance

    “To be successful in life, you need to always challenge yourself and stay open to ideas, including ground-breaking ones like what’s in this book. A highly-recommended read.”
    —Richard Tan, CEO, Success Resources Singapore Pte Ltd

    Mortgage-Free In 6 Years is easy to understand and offers investors a brilliant plan to achieve high returns without the usual high risks! Golden rules to mitigate potential risks are also clearly articulated. I would recommend all property owners to read the book, adopt the strategy and be mortgage-free after 6 years.”
    —Cynthia Liaw, CEO, Panda Commercial Bank PLC., Cambodia

    “As a business partner in the field, I can confidently say that Mortgage-Free In 6 Years is a must-read for anyone looking to achieve financial independence. The book's insights and strategies are informed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the mortgage industry. The book is a transformative guide for anyone aspiring to attain financial freedom through property ownership. Darren's practical insights, actionable strategies, and real-life examples make the journey to being mortgage-free not just achievable, but genuinely exciting. His expertise shines through every page, inspiring readers to take control of their finances and create a brighter future. I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to unlock the path to financial independence.”
    —Cecilia Teo, General Manager, Bank of China Branch, BR Law Corporation

    “Darren offers an interesting, progressive and structured approach to be mortgage-free and build wealth. The book is compact but it’s relatively easy to navigate through the chapters and understand the financial propositions, given his clear and simple writing style and ability to explain and breakdown difficult financial concepts. I like the bonus chapter for HDB flat owners.”
    —Shirley Hoo, Director, Advent Law Corporation

    “Few people understand mortgages as well as Darren, the boss of By writing this book, he has cemented his position as the true thought leader in his industry. Mortgage-Free In 6 Years is perhaps the easiest to execute among all other property-related investment options, such as flipping, buy-to-rent and co-living. I earned a five-figure dividend just by following his straightforward, step-by-step instructions. Deceptively simple, yet undeniably powerful. Highly recommended!”
    —Kenn Chin, Executive Director, Acrez Investment Pte Ltd

    “Before this, I never thought that it’s possible to get others to pay for my mortgage. Absolute eye-opener! For anyone burdened by a mortgage, Darren’s practical, step-by-step strategy offers hope and empowers readers to potentially achieve mortgage freedom in just six years. Regardless of whether your mortgage is S$500,000 or S$5 million, his approach is adaptable and effective. If you're ready to reclaim financial independence and retire early, look no further than this insightful guide.”
    —Lloyd Koh, Director, Startup Genie Pte Ltd

    “You would have thought that it’s almost impossible for anyone to achieve a 10% return per annum consistently, until you read this book! A courageous sharing of experience being recorded. Instead of painting just a rosy picture, Darren balances things up by also detailing all the downsides and how it could all turn awry for those who are ill-disciplined, making it a most practical read for those seeking financial independence.”
    —Chai Sook Lee, Executive Senior Financial Consultant, Breakthrough Advisory

  • Darren Goh started his career in banking during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. After completing his scholarship bond with the bank and a short stint in music publishing, he ventured into luxury real estate sales and got his first pot of gold transacting more than 15 units at Ardmore Park and Nassim Park Residences. A strong interest in SEO and internet business led him to start next in 2014, which best showcases his expertise in digital marketing, finance and property investing.

    Known to be a contrarian who doesn’t follow the usual rules, this book is the culmination of almost 30 years of his work experience and investment knowledge spanning banking, real estate and mortgages in Singapore. It is his belief that to achieve exceptional results in life, one has to be 100% focused (consistency) and be unconventional.

ISBN: 9789811896385
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 320
Year Published: 2024
Size: 152mm x 230mm
Language: English