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Horror, He Wrote: The Ladies Under the Bridge

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  • Chang Hong Lian, dubbed Red Lotus, is found dead in the lake at the Taiping Botanical Garden. Murdered with a borrowed knife, the plot is coincidentally similar to Adrian Holmes’ bestseller—a crime thriller ghostwritten by Hong Lian’s twin and Adrian’s mistress, Chang Pai Lian (aka White Lotus). The body of Red Lotus, who was with child, was found with the rare South Sea pearl necklace that belongs to Adrian’s wife, Marguerite Daisy Holmes.

    Ernest Maxwell Graves, a writer of sorts, comes from a literary lineage. With his latest novel adding to the list of his failures, all he can do is end his life to end the shame. But fate has other plans for him. Saved by a ghost, Graves is promised success. He just doesn’t know yet the price he’ll be paying for it.

    White Lotus, who was madly in love with Adrian, committed suicide under the bridge at the Taiping Botanical Garden where her sister’s body was found. She is back, still head over heels in love, and has a story to tell...

    A murder mystery meets horror fantasy, this compelling tale of love and redemption will send a chill down your spine with every twist and turn.

  • Tan Jit Seng is an award-winning creative director of an advertising agency. He started out as the co-creator of Malaysia’s first English comic book, Heroines of Darkness, and a children’s book writer before publishing a compilation of short stories, Get Spooked: Terrifying Tales Untold. In 2022, he published Abandoned Gods and a year following that, he completed his latest novel, Horror, He Wrote.

ISBN: 9789815144796
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 224
Year Published: 2024
Language: English