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Ellie Belly #7: Pawful Peril

Publisher: Bubbly Books
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  • This title is available in English and in Chinese. 

    Ellie finds out from Snowy about dogs stuck on a puppy farm with no food! She needs to find the farm, buy lots of doggie food and get it to the dogs. But she’s supposed to be in bed... sick! Are the dogs doomed? How is she going to explain to Mama? Can she get out of this doggie disaster?

  • Eliza Teoh is a Singapore Press Holding Scholar. She worked at The Straits Times as a journalist covering politics and foreign affairs (which really wasn't that fun). She later became an executive sub-editor at Today newspaper (which was quite fun because she got to boss some people around). She abandoned her journalism career to brave the unpredictable, but happy life as an author of children's books (which is very, very fun). The character Ellie Belly is inspired by her rambunctious and irrepressible daughter Ellie.

ISBN: 9789810916411 (English), 9789811135750 (Chinese)
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2014