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Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going

Publisher: Straits Times Press
  • Description
  • Mr Lee Kuan Yew described Hard Truths as his all-time "favourite" book. He stayed in the public eye for 60 years - as the revolutionary leader who steered Singapore into independence, as the Prime Minister who transformed the Republic into a First World country, and as Minister Mentor, the elder statesman. Based on 32 hours of interviews, this book picks up where his memoirs of 1999 and 2000 left off. It deals with what it takes to keep a successful Singapore going.

    新加坡现代史离不开李光耀的名字。他是带领新加坡迈向独立, 缔造新加坡经济奇迹的坚毅总理。他审时度势的睿智、面向世界 的视野,创造了小国生存的奇迹。《李光耀:新加坡赖以生存的 硬道理》展现了新加坡建国总理李光耀盎然的斗志和深邃的思, 发人深省。

    这是他第三本回忆录,他在书中坦率地针对新加坡在其所处的快 速变化而又充满挑战性的世界环境中应当扮演的角色,分享了他 的智慧与忧虑。本书反映了他坚定不移的观点,即繁荣和可持续 发展的未来,必须借鉴过去的经验与教训。

    本书初版于2011年,出版后受到国内外读者关注,多次重刷出。 2023年,为纪念这位建国总理的百岁冥诞,特校正再版。

ISBN: 9789814266727 (English), 9789814266932 (Chinese)
Cover Type: Hardcover
Language: Chinese, English