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Lyna Lankylegs and the Bright Hill Gang: Raining Coconuts

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    Lyna Lankylegs is up to no good, as usual.

    From experienced children's writer Linda Locke comes a new series inspired by her own childhood in 1950s Singapore. Adventure is just around the corner as Lyna Lankylegs and her rag tag gang of boys traverse around their beloved estate and beyond, getting up to all sorts of trouble along the way. In Raining Coconuts, Lyna and the Bright Hill Gang blaze through the jungle, chasing after crazy catfish and facing off spitting cobras.

  • “This is just the kind of adventure that all children will love. I can see Lyna Lankylegs and her gang taking readers to places they have never been—1950’s Singapore is hardly written about for children.”
    Eva Wong Nava, award-winning children’s book author

    “A real big story with lots of biographical memories woven through it. Very evocative writing.”
    —James Lee, author of Mr Mystery and Mr Midnight series

    “Lyna Lankylegs is a force of nature, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures she gets into next! Linda Locke has a wonderful knack for making her characters come alive and so relatable for even today’s children. The Bright Hill Gang are not only lovable and big-hearted, they will remind you—and teach the younger generation—of simpler and kinder times.”
    —Eldes Tran, book editor

    “Fun story! The jungle adventure is the best part, especially meeting the wild boar! I like the drawings of the people, should make them into figures so I can collect them.”
    —Emil Veloo, 10 years old

    “A fresh adventure story that children around 6-10 years old will love!”
    —Elaine Haren, mother

    “Lyna Lankylegs, Raining Coconuts, is funny and draws kids out of their normal modern everyday lives with wild adventures in Singapore in the 1950’s when the jungle was the playground and adventure was waiting around every corner!

    This book inspires conversation between parent and child—how growing up as a child back then in Singapore is different today. There was more freedom to play, more trees to climb and less rules and restrictions. Are these things they wish they had today? This story has the ability to champion adventure and the importance of long and happy friendships.”
    —Anna Bervander, founder of Lagom Kids

  • Linda Locke is the co-author of Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid, a picture book about the creator of the Vanda Miss Joaquim, and has more than three hundred creative awards to her name. She is also the author of the Jack Is Curious series about her son. She later started her own consultancy, Godmother Pte Ltd, and held several key positions at Club21.

ISBN: 9789815105605
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 248
Year Published: 2024
Size: 215mm x 140mm
Language: English