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Whoopie and Amos Lee Bundle

PART OF The Diary of Amos Lee SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
Original Price S$56.70
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  • Almost Famous
  • The Big Spell Off
  • Amos Lee 4-in-1 Edition
  • Look inside Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous (book 1)

    🎁Recommended for ages 9 and above

    With Amos struggling to keep up with studies in secondary school, he has less time to serve as a toilet diarist.

    That’s where his sister Whoopie (infamously known as WPI) steps in. Her diary is different. She doesn’t follow any rule of thumb. She writes what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. From dabbling in playwriting to training the World’s First Human Poodle, Whoopie Lee will stop at nothing to prove that she is more talented than her brother!

    What did Amos call her—Whiny, Pesky and Irritating? No, never, she’s going to set the record straight.

  • Look inside Whoopie Lee: The Big Spell Off (book 2)

    🎁Recommended for ages 9 and above

    Whoopie’s now 10. She’s smart and sassy—but hardly famous. So she’s decided to do something about it: she’ll join Singapore’s National Spell Off Championship! But wait, there’s a problem. Morticia, her best friend, wants to compete too. Now that really is a BIG complication! There can only be ONE Spelling Bee champ! In their fight for fame, will the two girls have to sacrifice their friendship?

  • Look inside The World Famous Diaries of Amos Lee: 10th Anniversary 4-in-1 Edition

    🎁Recommended for ages 9 and above

    Children can now read the first four of Amos Lee’s hilarious diaries (with a new look!) in one collection.

    Amos Lee is famous for the wrong reasons: he is the first boy in the world to write his diary on the toilet. In this series, Amos and his best friends confront a bully at school, he enters a tween idol contest and enlists his sister WPI (Whiny, Pesky and Irritating) to help, and he gets really, really famous...on TV!

    This award-winning, bestselling series has been translated into several languages and adapted into a television show since it debuted in 2009. Now a new generation of young readers will be introduced to the young diarist.

Cover Type: Paperback