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Really Wheelie Buddies Bundle

PART OF Really Wheelie Buddies SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
Original Price S$44.70
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  • Yaya
  • Chop-Chop
  • Suka-Suka
  • About the Creators
  • 🎁 Recommended for 6 months old and above

    Look inside the book 

    Yaya is a double-decker bus who thinks he’s the best. But can he do everything?

    Really Wheelie Buddies is a board book series to introduce the little ones to  Singapore phrases through commonly seen vehicles on our roads.

    In this first book, Yaya the double-decker bus thinks he’s the best bus in the whole of Singapore. He’s tall, handsome and fast. Surely no other bus compares! But when his friend Shorty challenges him, Yaya is in for a surprise...

  • 🎁 Recommended for ages 3 and above

    Look inside the book

    Chop-chop the Trishaw wants to go zoom like a sports car. Surrounded by his much faster petrol-fuelled friends, he feels like he’s being left behind. True to his moniker, the trishaw is in a hurry to catch up to his more modern counterparts. With a newly installed engine, he leaves his automobile buddies in the dust. But Chop-chop really isn’t really built for speed, and that leads to unexpected consequences. Chop-chop the Trishaw is the second book in the Really Wheelie Buddies series that introduces the little ones to Singaporeanisms through commonly seen vehicles on our roads.

  • 🎁 Recommended for ages 3 and above

    Suka-Suka has an important job. He helps to build roads, pavements and more. Just like baking, mixing cement involves combining the right ingredients in the right quantity. But Suka-Suka doesn't think instructions are necessary at all—he prefers to mix the ingredients however he likes, which leads to a path of unintended destruction! Suka-Suka realises his suka-suka ways have negative consequences not just for himself, but others too, and perhaps, he can't just do whatever he likes all the time and should learn to be more responsible. Suka-Suka the Cement Truck is the third book in the Really Wheelie Buddies series that introduces the little ones to Singaporeanisms through commonly seen vehicles on our roads.

  • Ng Swee San has written children's books (The Dragon Warrior, Yaya the Double-Decker Bus), as well as scripts for prime-time TV shows such as The Pupil (two seasons), Code of Law (the first three seasons) and Tanglin. Her other writing credits include docu-dramas Dining with Death, In Cold Blood and children’s shows Kids United, Whoopie 2 and Totally Totto.

    Her first feature film screenplay, Funeral Ties, was awarded the second prize at the MDA National Scriptwriting Competition 2003 (Feature Film category). She has also been awarded three feature film scriptwriting grants by the Singapore Film Commission. Her first full-length play, Marriage of Inconvenience, was staged by Theatreworks in 2004. Her subsequent plays include Sangkuriang (an adaptation of an Indonesian folktale) and Bond-age (part of the OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival 2009).

    Han Qingping graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a BFA in digital animation. Together with her groupmates, their thesis film, You Ci Ke, won the Best Animated Film Award at the National Youth Film Awards 2016. Now, she works as a freelance illustrator who enjoys drawing happy things, and in a pinch can replicate the call of a koel bird extremely well. Her work can be found at

Cover Type: Board Book
Page Count: 28 for each book
Size: 125mm x 155mm