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The Phoenix and the Crow

Publisher: Monsoon Books

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The Phoenix and the Crow is a story of corruption and abuse of authority in a small country town in China. Wang Bin, a young Chinese ornithologist from Beijing, travels to Pingyang, a rural town nestled in the mountains between Sichuan and Hunan, to try and take a photo of the Mountain Phoenix, a rare mountain bird with a blaze of rich colours that has never before been captured on film. During his stay in Pingyang, Wang Bin befriends Xiao Zhou, a pretty young receptionist working at the dingy hotel in which he is staying, and he witnesses first hand the misery inflicted on the townsfolk by the regional politicians and those in authority ‰Û_ and Wang Bin himself quickly falls foul of the town‰۪s corrupt police chief. After narrowly escaping Pingyang with the help of Xiao Zhou, for whom he is developing feelings, Wang Bin returns to the town, his mind set on causing the crooked police chief‰۪s downfall with a plot both cunning and trenchantly funny. This is an exquisitely crafted short tale of morality and corruption in China, which reads like a contemporary fable.

ISBN: 9789814625418
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 192
Year Published: 2016