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Iban Journey

Publisher: Monsoon Books

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A curse hangs over Nuing‰۪s life. He may be the youngest son of the great headhunter Bujang Maias, but he is rejected by his longhouse community. When the people‰۪s fear of him becomes unbearable, Nuing leaves them together with his best friend Gunggu. Nuing and Gunggu wander the land until they eventually meet and are accepted by a group of travellers made up of cursed individuals. Soon after, however, the worst possible scourge befalls Nuing when he kills a demon huntsman. Follow this Iban traveller as he experiences the hidden world of Iban spirits and gods in his quest to find a way to defeat an army of Antu Gerasi hell-bent on revenge. Iban Journey is a work of fantasy fiction based on the folklore and existing superstitions of the Ibans of Sarawak. This much-anticipated follow-up to Iban Dream is in itself a journey into the customs and taboos of a rainforest culture. Many of these fears continue to exist today.

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Iban Dream

ISBN: 9789814625210
Page Count: 264
Year Published: 2015