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Crime Scene Asia, Vol.1

Publisher: Monsoon Books
  • Description
  • Murder in the first degree… solicitation of murder… malicious bodily dismemberment… theft of a national treasure… illegal disposal of a body… illicit use of a putting iron… drug smuggling…

    Volume 1 of Crime Scene Asia features nine delectably horrid crimes that take readers on a chilling trip through the dark underbelly of contemporary Asia from Vietnam down through Thailand to Malaysia and Singapore and then, after a frightening swing into the Philippines, on to India.

    Crime, like so many other things, has a local flavour. This volume serves up the unique flavour of crime in six of Asia’s most dynamic and fascinating lands, written by nine seasoned crime writers based throughout the region. The pieces in this crime anthology may be fiction, but they read like the more attention-grabbing stories seen frequently in newspapers across Asia.

ISBN: 9789814423335
Page Count: 228
Year Published: 2007