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Mum’s Not Cooking: Favourite Singaporean Recipes for the Near Clueless or Plain Lazy

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    What do you do when you’re homesick for some Singapore food, but you can’t really cook, mum’s nowhere nearby, or there’s no hawker centre you can shuffle to in your shorts and flip-flops?

    Cook some yourself!

    Adopting the loving authority and voice of one who’s accustomed to creating friendly recipes for those who are simply clueless or just rather lazy about cooking, Denise Fletcher, a proud-born-and-bred Singaporean, devotes her culinary experience to creating a companionable book for all the Singapore food favourites that you and your friends or colleagues may crave. Recognising that you may not easily obtain ‘authentic’ ingredients if you’re based overseas where you are, Denise also suggests food substitutions to help you approximate that taste for home. Thumb through this book and search for a recipe that will comfort you!

  • “The 140-page cookbook caters to those living overseas and amateur home-cooks, with handy cooking tips and other information, including tips on how to stock a kitchen.
    Eunice Quek, The Sunday Times

  • Denise Fletcher is the food editor at Epigram Books. True to the cultural mix reflected in Singaporean cuisine, she is of Portuguese descent on her maternal side, Scottish descent on her paternal side, is married to an Indonesian, and also has Peranakan connections as her step-great-grandmother was a Nyonya.

    Born-and-bred in Singapore, she received her culinary training at SHATEC and is the proud mother of three grown sons.  Denise was previously a partner in a food stall specialising in Eurasian and other Singaporean dishes, and the former executive chef at Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant, Sentosa. She is the author of three cookbooks, Quickies: Morning, Noon and Night (2009), Mum’s Not Cooking: Favourite Singaporean Recipes for the Near Clueless or Plain Lazy (2012), and How to Cook Everything Singaporean (2020).

    Kuan counts art and design as his absolute passion. The illustrator loves old stuff with a story and flea markets are his favourite treasure-hunting wonderland for gems and inspirations. For the past three years, Kuan was a happy baker in an eclectic cafe called Caramel. 

    Kuan lives a simple life with his golden labrador and he’s loving it.

ISBN: 9789810897321
Cover Type: Flexibound
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2012
Size: 148mm x 210mm