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Simply Invest: Naked Truths to Grow Your Money

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    A pioneer in financial planning in Singapore, Goh Yang Chye debunks several misconceptions, showing how so-called experts are no better than the average seven-year-old at picking stocks. Investing is simple; look at the evidence. He tells us why we shouldn’t trust the industry jargon and why cryptocurrencies are not a good investment; why Singapore’s love affair with property is a mistake; why the media always get it wrong; and how not to overreact.
    From understanding market cycles to knowing what exactly to ask your financial adviser, this book will teach you how to secure your financial future—and enjoy the journey!

  • "Yang Chye's Simply Invest is a succinct guide for investors to help them understand the key principles of long-term investing and the value of working with an adviser and goals-based investing." 
    —David Booth, executive chairman and founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors

    "Essential knowledge for investors. Armed with his many years of experience, Yang Chye has written a very interesting and well-researched book. It has lots of gems on investments and the financial markets. This is a must-read for anyone investing in the market, a good resource of fundamentals for beginners and an equally important reminder for seasoned investors." 
    — Ng Keng Hooi, group chief executive and president of AIA Group

    "An insightful view of investing from an industry veteran expounded in a refreshing way. Well written and engaging, with wise insights...this is a good primer to investing. Technical concepts are presented clearly and simply, with astute advice for beginners to investing and even seasoned professionals. Yang Chye wisely takes the emotion out of investing and focuses on the facts and fundamentals that matter."
     —Thio Boon Kiat, chief executive, UOB Asset Management

    "Simply Invest imparts discerning knowledge to succeed in achieving one's financial goals, in a market clouded by excessive noise and information overload. It is written in simple language, making it an easy read for all types of investors."
    —Susan Soh, managing director and country head, Schroders Singapore

    “We often hear about the right principles of investing. But putting them into practice and accomplishing the set goals are often elusive to many. This book is a pleasant read and draws precious lessons of past crises. Being a fund manager for the past thirty years, I couldn’t agree more with the author that at the end of the day, three simple principles govern the success to investing: discipline, commitment and ability to wait.” 
    —Hou Wey Fook, chief investment officer, DBS Bank

    “A highly readable book for anyone interested in investment, whether you are a novice investor or seasoned financial adviser. Yang Chye has the gift of making complex ideas simple. I am sure you will find useful tips and practical insights.”
    —Gilbert Tan, associate professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

    "Finally, a well-researched, insightful and relevant contemporary investment bible. A must-read for investors. A wake-up call for financial industry practitioners. A persuasive and enlightening testament to all on the importance of goals-based investing." 
    —Goh Keat Jin, CFA, chief executive of Maybank Asset Management Singapore

    “This book discusses the common problems, though uncommonly acknowledged, faced by investors. It talks about behaviours exhibited and experienced by many investors in their journey in investing. The book is simple to read and easy to relate to. I hope through reading this, investors will come to appreciate that investing can be as simple as you want it to be, as long as you are disciplined, committed and patient.” 
    —Madeline Ho, head of Wholesale Fund Distribution, Asia-Pacific, and executive managing director of Natixis Investment Managers Singapore

    "This is a must-read for anyone investing in the market, a good resource of fundamentals for beginners." 
    —  Ng Keng Hooi, group chief executive and president of AIA GroupGoh Yang Chye

  • Goh Yang Chye is the chief executive and founder of GYC Financial Advisory. A veteran in Singapore’s financial services industry, he has developed many financial management models in use today and is widely recognised as a pioneer in comprehensive financial planning. He graduated with an engineering degree from the National University of Singapore. He is an affiliate with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, as well as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP).

ISBN: 9789814785600
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 192
Year Published: 2019
Size: 152mm x 225mm