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The Fisherman King (Preorder)

Publisher: Epigram Books

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"Well-written, exciting plot, memorable characters and terrifically paced." 
— Minh Bui Jones, founding editor of Mekong Review

Currently taking preorders for this title, orders for this book are expected to be fulfilled by end October 2020.

Finalist for the 2020 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

Kathrina Mohd Daud

Eight years ago, Lisan the fisherman, who has always believed he was descended from royalty, left his wife and the Water Village. Now he’s back, and he says he can prove it. Six hundred years ago, a forbidden relationship between the royal children of Brunei set into motion a chain of events that will end with the death of a king...or the death of a god. As the story of Lisan’s true intentions – and what he was really doing in those years away – unravels, the story of those doomed royal children also spins to its inevitable conclusion.

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About the Author
Kathrina Mohd Daud holds a PhD in Writing from the University of Manchester (2011). She is an Assistant Professor in Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, specialising in Bruneian literature and Creative Writing. She has published both creative and academic work, and is currently undertaking an English translation of the seminal Bruneian novel, Norsiah Gapar’s Pengabdian (Submission, 1987), and co-editing a special collection of essays on Brunei’s first feature film, Gema Dari Menara (Echoes from the Minaret, 1968). She works actively with local creative communities, is an art critic for The Scoop, and is the author of The Halfling King (2017).

ISBN: 9789814901208
Format: Paperback
Size: 152 x 225mm
Pages: 208pp
Published: July 2020