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Local delivery is now $1.60, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!
Local delivery is now $1.60, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!

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  • Suicide Club


    Description Praise About the Author A dark, provocative novel set in a world on the verge of a health-induced breakdown, Suicide Club tells the...

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  • Poor Thing -

    Poor Thing


    Description Praise About the Playwright Poor Thing, TNS' ground-breaking production by Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma, grapples with the issue of ...

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  • Ponti -
    Sold out



    Description Praise About the Author 2003, Singapore. Friendless and fatherless, sixteen-year-old Szu lives in the shadow of her mother Amisa, o...

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  • Night in the Gardens -

    Night in the Gardens


    Description About the Illustrator Mei was afraid of the dark and unable to sleep. To help her overcome her fear, Adventurous Andy whisked her o...

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  • Nature's Colony -

    Nature's Colony


    Description Praise About the Author Established in 1859, Singapore’s Botanic Gardens has been important as a park for Singaporeans and visitors...

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  • Middle and First

    Middle and First


    Description About the Author A collection of short stories in two groups. “First” relates closely to the Singapore of the 1990s when an old way...

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  • Hakka Soul

    Hakka Soul


    Description Chin Woon Ping's Hakka Soul chronicles the dreams, ambitions and idiosyncrasies of her family, beginning with the death of her gran...

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  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    Description About the Poet Gwee Li Sui once again shatters expectations from his verse with this gloriously macabre book. Death Wish distils al...

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  • Rage


    Description About the Author Jordan hates the mindless rules, the monotony of education in Singapore and the conformity that is demanded of stu...

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  • The Incredible Basket


    Description About the Author & Illustrator 🎁Recommended for ages 3 and above Winner, 2019 Singapore Book Awards – Best Children's Picture B...

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