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Weathering A Property Downturn

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  • Ku Swee Yong’s Real Estate RichesBuilding Your Real Estate Riches and Real Estate Realities have become a valuable resource for property investors in Singapore during the past few years. In his new book, he takes stock of the prolonged downturn and weak market conditions and offers useful defensive strategies in the face of supply gluts and weakening prices.

    The lead article warns of potential risks arising from an extremely high rate of home ownership in Singapore, followed by frank insights into various local property segments. The book also includes illuminating coverage on some regional markets which he recommends investors to look into.

    Backed by solid research and astute observations, Weathering a Property Downturn is a sobering read that portends a scenario where massive supply overhangs will drive prices markedly down. Addressing current issues faced by property investors through a collection of articles previously published in TODAYThe Business Times and The Edge, he offers qualified and invaluable observations on public and private properties, mixed developments, luxury estates and overseas properties.

  • "This book offers a scan of Swee Yong's brilliant analyses and extensive knowledge not only of the Singapore market, but also of the markets he sees potential in, including the risks of downside and opportunities for upside. His honest review with regards to real estate policy, property demand and supply, as well as comprehensive coverage of markets, near and far, is reading that you do not want to miss before you embark on your next move and decision pertaining to real estate."
    — John Tan Teck Shoon, Senior Lecturer, School of Design and Environment in Ngee Ann Polytechnic

    "Swee Yong is no crowd-pleaser. With a knack for sifting out noises in the market, he goes straight to the heart of issues plaguing the property sector. At times, Swee Yong's analyses glean on how some policies can be a double-edged sword and the need for fine and timely calibration. He gives his readers the unadulterated version of his views based on data, even if they are deemed unpopular or up against the general tide. And it takes both courage and foresight to raise the hard questions."
    Lynette KhooCorrespondent

  • Ku Swee Yong is a practicing property agent and CEO of International Property Advisor Pte Ltd (IPA). He was previously General Manager of Far East Organization s Indonesia office, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Savills (Singapore) and Director at the Real Estate Centre of Expertise in Societe Generale Private Banking. He has bought, sold, leased and managed properties for high net worth individuals, corporations, property developers and funds. He provides consultancy services and advice to private banks and their clients. His views are widely quoted in the media and he speaks on property investments at events, addressing private banking clients, fund managers and industry practitioners.

ISBN: 9789814751063
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 176
Year Published: 2016