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The Business of Politics and Ethnicity

Publisher: NUS Press
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  • This book describes the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce's changing relationship with the state and with businesses in the region. Some of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in Singapore and Malaysia have served as leaders of the Chamber. Drawing on archival materials and extensive interviews, Visscher provides lively biographical sketches that highlight the circumstances and personal values that propelled these and other leading Chinese businessmen to success and to prominence. He also examines Chinese business practices, considering cultural elements as well as state and market forces, and highlights unique features of the Chinese experience in Singapore. By viewing Singapore from the perspective of a well established non-governmental organisation as it struggled, negotiated and cooperated with the state, this book offers an alternative to conventional political histories.

  • Sikko Visscher teaches Asian history at the University of Amsterdam and is Programme Manager for Asian Studies in Amsterdam (ASiA).

ISBN: 9789971693657
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 390
Year Published: 2007
Size: 229mm x 153mm