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How To Hook A Whale

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  • What does it take to have billionaires and celebrities on your speed dial, party with high-rollers and be responsible for billions of dollars in annual revenue?

    In this exciting tell-all, Marcus Lim, a seasoned marketer in VIP international casino sales, spills his secrets on how to wheel and deal with the super-rich. Running a casino may look like glitz and glamour on the outside, but you'll need to be a shrewd businessman, an astute mind-reader and an empathetic psychologist all rolled into one to ensure that all your ultra-high net worth – and ultra-demanding – customers are happy… and Marcus has that in spades.

    Follow this no-holds-barred guide and win big at work – and in life!

  • “Marcus’ meteoric rise from the bottom to a top casino salesman is proof that anyone can overcome adversity as long as they have the determination to succeed and the right attitude. This book contains all the secrets to his success.”
    —Xian Ong, Owner, PasarBella

  • Marcus Lim has spent over a decade as a host and marketer at several of the largest casino and resort chains in the world, rising to the position of President of International Marketing for South Asia. He has successfully marketed gaming resorts and first-class entertainment to a clientele worth billions of dollars.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Marcus has headed his own companies in defence, business consultation and sea sports. In addition, he holds an MBA from Singapore Management University.

ISBN: 9789815009118
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 208
Year Published: 2021
Size: 216mm x 135mm