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The Ethical Investor's Handbook

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  • In The Ethical Investor’s Handbook, author Morten Strange connects the dots, to show how economics and finance play a direct role in perpetuating this crisis. What can we as individual investors do to avoid wrecking the Earth while growing our wealth? How can we navigate the capital allocation space without compromising our ethical values? It can be done – some of the Big Boys have done it – and this invaluable new book shows us how.

  • Morten Strange is a Danish-born, Singapore-based independent financial analyst. He is the author of Be Financially Free: How to Become Salary Independent in Today's Economy (2016). His commentaries and interviews have appeared in the Straits Times and other media. Since retiring at the age of 33, he has pursued his interests in economics, writing, photography and environmental conservation.

ISBN: 9789814828284
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 216
Year Published: 2018