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Leaders People Love: The agile leader's guide to creating great workplaces and happy employees

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  • Silver Medal in Axiom Business Book Awards 2024

    Article by asiaone  

    Post-pandemic, the whole world is being reset. With this unifying experience that challenges our identity, rules are broken; beliefs are corrected. Happiness and meaning in work and life are no longer optional. With success being redefined as we speak, what this means for leaders is they too, now need to reset their compasses urgently—for the real threat is obsolescence and irrelevance.

    The time to act is now.

    But with many management practices fading into irrelevance, how then, can leaders chart their paths in these complex and disruptive times?

    While there is no one right way to lead and make an impact, for ‘right’ is subjective and contextual, the good news is that proven methods have been discovered—some of which will be shared in this book’s pages.

    Leaders People Love features a host of accessible leadership lessons. Undergirded by a contemporary and relevant mindset, these strategies consistently yield excellent results and prove a point: becoming an effective and well-loved leader is possible if you know how.

    Explore an authentic yet agile approach to discovering the best leader in you. Becoming a leader that people love to work with and for can, in turn, create meaningful workplaces where people love to come to collaborate, strive and succeed.

  • “This book is fantastic for leaders committed to lead at their best. It offers practical strategies that overcome real-life challenges leaders face in a fast-changing world, enabling them to develop and empower teams effectively.”
    —Frank Koo, Head of Talent Solutions Asia, LinkedIn

  • Yeo Chuen Chuen is a multi-award-winning leadership coach who has been honored with international accolades for her outstanding work with clients in nearly 40 countries across five continents. Named LinkedIn Top Voice in Company Culture (Singapore) in 2022, she has been recognized as an invaluable partner in offering accessible pathways to developing great leadership by shifting mindsets.

    Having worked with senior executives from Fortune 500 and the Singapore Government Service since 2013, Chuen Chuen has demonstrated that a return to fundamentals — helping leaders lead from a state of strength, authenticity and curiosity — is the secret to unlocking their fullest leadership potential. The strategic value she brings to her clients is proven with her long-term relationship with returning clients, referrals and highly satisfied clients.

    As one of the executives said about their work together, “Chuen Chuen’s program is the only one leaders need to do.” Chuen Chuen finds great joy in designing training programs, tailor-made to each unique organization she partners. As a creator of simple but transformative frameworks, she has also created a proprietary Re4 Model, (documented in her book 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility) as well as the Five Inner Voices you'll learn about in Leaders People Love.

ISBN: 9789815127973
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 368
Year Published: 2023
Size: 216mm x 135mm
Language: English