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They Told Us To Move: Dakota-Cassia

Publisher: Ethos Books

What happens when an entire community is moved? Dakota Crescent was one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates and a rental flat neighbourhood for low-income households. In 2016, its residents, many of whom are elderly, were relocated to Cassia Crescent to make way for redevelopment. But the process of relocation did not end with the physical move, and the conversation on why relocation should matter to all of us has only just begun. 

They Told Us to Move: Dakota—Cassia tells the story of relocation through a three-part conversation, involving interviews with the residents, reflections by the volunteers of the Cassia Resettlement Team (CRT) who have helped them with resettlement, and essays from academics. 

Together, they draw out the complex issues underpinning each story, including urban planning; community development and participation; ageing, poverty, social services, and architectural heritage. This book is for people who want to understand the kind of society we are, and question what kind of society we want to be. 

ISBN: 9789811400414
Format: Paperback
Pages: 258
Published: 2019

ISBN: 9789811400414