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Pulp II: A Visual Bibliography of The Banished Book

Publisher: Rock Paper Fire
  • Description
  • About the Author
  • Winner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2020 (English, Creative Nonfiction)

    The focus of Shubigi Rao’s ongoing Pulp project is the history of book destruction, censorship, and repression, and the book as a symbol of resistance. She travels across the world, filming collections, libraries, archives and subjects that have served as historical flashpoints.

    This second volume expands on the entangled issues and the complex histories of her encounters. Combining fragments, ephemera and anecdotes, Rao creates an absorbing and powerful composite of the conjoined literary and violent trajectories of our species.

  • Writer, artist and film-maker Shubigi Rao’s interests include archaeology, neuroscience, libraries, archival systems, overlooked histories, literature and violence, ecologies and natural history.

    Her decade-long film, book, and art project, Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book about the history of library destruction has won numerous awards, including the Juror's Choice Award at the triennial APB Signature Prize 2018.  The first book from the project was shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize for Creative Nonfiction in 2018.

ISBN: 9789811183799
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 400
Year Published: 2018