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Miracles and Magic: When a Child Sleeps

  • Description
  • About the Author and Illustrator
  • How to get your child to sleep naturally and why you should do it.

    Sleep science for children meets the jungle book.

    • Handbook for parents on sleep science for children
    • Teaches how to sleep naturally
    • Affirms why sleep is important
    • Presented as a beautiful illustrated story to engage young readers

    Miracles and magic, when a child sleeps, engages parents and children alike with the idea that sleeping is a biological miracle, and nature teaches us how to sleep naturally, and why.

    In this beautifully illustrated story, two children, resisting sleep as children do, become fascinated in the possibility that sleep is exciting and that an adventure awaits! As the children drift thru the dreamy realms of jungle and sea, they encounter a number of animal friends who teach them why sleep is important, how to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

    Each animal in the world has a natural superpower it gets from sleep, which children can also absorb when they sleep too! It is during sleep that children grow, learn, develop and glow. In a world where children and adults alike do not sleep enough, this book provides the “why and how to sleep” in an imaginative, colourful way that parents and children can explore together.

  • Dr Ricco Swinbourne holds a PhD in sleep science, is a New Zealand trained Dietitian and has 15 years of experience working in high performance sport as a performance scientist. Originally from New Zealand, Ricco led the Singapore Sports Institute nutrition and sleep athletic programmes for 6 years, before beginning his writing career. Ricco is especially passionate about the role of sleep in childhood health and development, as his two daughters will testify.

    Australian-born Dangergene Whitlock is a commercial + comic book artist with an international reputation spanning over 30 years. He has skills in Illustration, training and pedagogy, live graphic recording, animation, voice & video production. He is presently based in Singapore.

ISBN: 9789815084535
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 48
Year Published: 2023
Size: 255mm x 210mm