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Memorial Day: The Unmaking of a Sonnet

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    Memorial Day is a reflection on loss and renewal in time of war. It tells the story, in her own words, of a young American woman’s falling in love, bereavement and remaking of her life after the death of her husband in battle.She records her memories in a series of fourteen free sonnets, each of which is written according to the principle of “centered form”. This simply means that each sonnet unfolds from its center.This principle of “centered form” is also reflected in the order of writing of the sonnets which is revealed in the two sonnets that open and close the series, the preludium and postludium. They comprise respectively the seventh and eighth lines of the individual sonnets, beginning with Sonnet 8 and ending with Sonnet 1.The dominant meter of the poems is accentual and measured: there are generally six stresses per line, with a cæsura, or rest, in the middle of each. The stresses and pauses are lighter or darker depending on the relative weight and colour which you choose to ascribe to her words. Their message follows.

  • Kevin J M Keane has been exploring the link between language and social development since 1996. Following the publication of his first collection of poetry Winter Drei Winters Three Hivers Trois in 2006, he has been experimenting with the oldest poetic form created for contemplative reading to find an answer to the question, "What is a sonnet?"

    Born in London in 1958 to Irish immigrant parents, Kevin resides in Munich and Singapore.

ISBN: 9789810860004
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 38
Year Published: 2010
Size: 150mm x 210mm