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Jack Is Curious: Can I Hit Back at a Bully? (Book 3)

PART OF Jack Is Curious SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • 🎁Recommended for ages 3 and above

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    This charming series views the world from the inquisitive eye of a child; each book addresses a question that could stump many parents. A perfect series for bedtime reading. 

    Jack is a cheeky and curious boy who loves to play with his best friend Zac. One day while at the playground with Zac, three bullies steal their football and call them mean names. During taekwondo practice, Jack asks, "Can I use taekwondo to hit back at the bullies?" His taekwondo teacher says no, but Mama has an idea...

  • “She loves asking why the older children are mean and why do they like to pick on smaller kids ... and it inspires her so that if she ever faces any bullies she’ll be like Jack!”
    —June Sun, Director, Mindchamps Raffles Town Club

    "This is a very good book as it teaches good values to Alexis. She is able to pick up important values like telling the truth, do not bully the weak, no fighting no matter how strong you are, and 2 wrongs do not make a right."
    K1 Mindchamps Mummy

    "The Bullies book is Zara’s favourite, because of the martial arts ... and standing up to bullies."
    —Madina Khamitova, Mother

    "Very fresh and very personal. A mother sharing secrets with her son—and with the reader at the same time."
    —James Lee, author of the bestselling Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series

    "I love her series, the illustration is very pretty and attractive…The story is very meaningful and it teaches children things we don’t really touch on."
    Sato, kindergarten teacher, Mindchamps @ Raffles Town Club.

    "At the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher told me that the children loved the books. Easy to read on their own and the illustrations are very well done. After reading the children kept asking if they would grow old and what would happen to them."
    Adeline Tan, mother of a 5-year-old son and illustrator 

    "Jai loved it the first time I read to him. He saw himself (only child, loves trains and TV) and asked me to read Will I Grow Old? the second night because he loves tickles too! A beautiful bonding bedtime story."
    —Mummy Bao  

  • Linda Locke is the co-author of Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid, a picture book about the creator of the Vanda Miss Joaquim, and has more than 300 creative awards to her name. She later started her own consultancy, Godmother Pte Ltd, and held several key positions at Club21.

    Chloe Chang is an illustrator and animator based in Singapore. She graduated in 2016 with a bachelor of fine arts in digital animation from Nanyang Technological University. Chloe has worked as an animator for PaperplaneCo and is a fulltime illustrator. She has illustrated several children’s books with local and International publishers, and her work has been shown in Singapore and Melbourne.

ISBN: 9789814845106
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 28
Year Published: 2019
Size: 200mm x 200mm