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Honest Good Food

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  • Benny Se Teo may be best known for his efforts to help troubled youths and people to reintegrate back into society by giving them jobs and opportunities in his restaurant, but his inspiring tale is now the backdrop of his debut cookbook Honest Good Food. In this cookbook, Chef Benny brings together 38 ultimate comfort food recipes, inspired by childhood memories and his personal experiences, and designed to excite the most jaded taste buds.

    Featuring a wide range of recipes from home-style comfort food, zi char classics and Asian favourites to rock star recipes such as Wagyu Beef Heart Attack Fried Rice and Maine Lobster Sang Meen that are as bold and daring as the man himself, you will be inspired to prepare honest good food for your friends and loved ones.

    Peppered with punchy no-nonsense quotes and personal anecdotes accompanying each recipe, Honest Good Food sheds new light onto Benny’s unique personality and brings his inimitable charm into your home kitchen.

  • Chef Benny is well known in the Singapore food scene as a chef, restaurateur and social entrepreneur. Featured in local and international media such as the Straits Times, BBC and CNN, Benny has also spoken at universities and conferences, including the globally renowned TEDx Talks. Benny's story is an inspiring tale of humanity, hope and redemption. A high-school dropout, former drug user and ex-convict, Benny has known failure and condemnation. For years, drug addiction controlled Benny's life, but his mother's love remained a constant through those dark days.

    The turning point came in 1992, when Benny's brush with duodenum cancer delivered a wakeup call, and led him to find absolution in Christianity. This cookbook is a celebration of the love and fellowship that Benny has experienced in his journey of self-discovery. Growing up, Benny had always been curious about cooking. He knew he had a knack for recreating dishes, but it was not until he served as a tea boy to the prison superintendent that he discovered his creative gift. With the encouragement of friends and strangers, Benny eventually came to embrace his culinary talent.

ISBN: 9789814771023
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 148
Year Published: 2016