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Great Animals Bundle

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • 🎁Recommended for ages 7 and above

    Maureen’s debut children’s book, The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business was inspired when she discovered that her students weren’t aware that wild animals existed in modern Singapore!

    Following the success of The Great Singapore Poo Sale, is Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns, a book that furthers the endeavours of its prequel, while highlighting the importance of good leadership.

    Together with fellow animal-lover Gracie, they have created these two books to raise awareness for Singapore’s vibrant wildlife and to also teach young readers to take care of the environment.

  • About Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns

    The older animals of Singapore are worried about the deteriorating values of the Next Generation. So the Animal Council is convened and it is agreed that a new leader is needed. But who will they choose?

    Some animals think leadership should be inherited (Horseshoe Crab says he is literally blue-blooded, so he should lead!), but many disagree. So a competition is held, and the insects send Weaver Ant, who thinks she can win based on strength. Other critters also step up and make all sorts of campaign promises to the kingdom. The birds send Parakeet, who just parrots the ideas of others. Will the Animal Council pick the right leader?

    About The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business

    Full of whimsy, this funny and fun-loving caper celebrates the wildlife of Singapore.

    The animals of Singapore are under threat! So Alpha Macaque and his troop embark on a daring adventure to rewrite the Constitution. When that plan fails, Dung Beetle establishes a smelly enterprise, and Pink Dolphin has ideas of his own. Species large and small take centre stage in this charming picture book that advocates conservation and childlike wonder.

  • Maureen Yeo teaches English, Literature and life skills by introducing her students to Roald Dahl’s great principle: “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” When not working, she seeks out adventures at home and abroad, especially wildlife encounters.

    Gracie Chai is a self-taught illustrator and artist who has dabbled in textile fabrication and clothes making, selling her handmade dresses and accessories around the world. She has now returned to illustration—her first artistic passion.

Cover Type: Hard cover
Size: 170mm x 220mm