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Escape the Past

Publisher: Monsoon Books
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  • In this gripping prequel to ‘Escape’, drug smuggler-turned-bestselling author David McMillan starts from the beginning and tells how he made his first million dealing drugs by age 21. He details his plans to smuggle marijuana by Learjet, befriend drug-dealing pimps in Bangkok brothels and transport liquid heroin in glass statues. Learn the tricks of the smuggling trade as McMillan arms his couriers with dozens of passports that frustrate border guards for years.

  • Following David McMillan’s dramatic escape from prison in Bangkok, the story of which is retold in this book, McMillan slipped to the Afghan border and again onto the smuggler’s trail. In the years that followed, he avoided a life sentence in Pakistan and serious time in Colombia before a stretch in Scandinavia brought an end to his most dangerous life. In the late 90s, McMillan retired to London, where he now lives.

ISBN: 9789814358279
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 264
Year Published: 2013