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Baba Malay For Everyone: A Comprehensive Guide To The Peranakan Language

Publisher: Wolf Et Al
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  • Baba Malay for Everyone – is a language guide for Baba Malay - the Peranakan language. This guide is a complete textbook that covers Beginner to Upper Intermediate levels. It contains insightful exercises to help learners’ practise what they have learned and is a practical introduction to Baba Malay within a cultural context. This book is aimed at learners who have little or no knowledge of the language. Its goal is to bring them to a level of fluency where they can independently use the language in most everyday situations. The book also comes with audio recordings voiced by proficient speakers, which helps learners to improve their listening skills and intonation. This book employs the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is used to define learning and teaching objectives in over 40 languages. It is designed to bring learners from a CEFR level A1 to B2..

  • Kenneth Y. K. Chan is an educator with a background in anthropology and linguistics, and is currently involved within the Peranakan community with efforts to revive the use of Baba Malay. The effort to revive the language is in response to the fact that Baba Malay is an endangered language in a critical stage where it is at risk of being lost within a few generations. He is also the author of Mari Chakap Baba, the first ever Baba Malay textbook, and Chrita-Chrita Baba a collection of short stories, written in both Baba Malay and English.

ISBN: 9789811489518
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 276
Year Published: 2020
Size: 210mm x 300mm