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Annabelle Thong (New Cover)

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2015 Longlist

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    Devout Catholic school teacher Annabelle Thong never thought her chastity was a liability – until she runs away to Paris to find Prince Charming.

    Enrolling herself at the Sorbonne, she meets the suave Patrick Dudoigt, but he’s the one temptation she MUST resist. Annabelle’s belief system is challenged on all fronts, and her naïveté is seen as gauche in the City of Love. Guilt and confusion make for dangerous bedfellows, and when her fellow university students enthusiastically combine reading and rioting, Annabelle can’t help but wonder if everyone’s gone mad – or is it just her? 

    Annabelle Thong takes a hilarious look at the sparks that fly when East meets West, and the passions these ignite.

  • "... a zippy page-turner set in the City of Lights that sparkles with sass and wit."
    —Lee Jian Xuan, The Sunday Times

    "Annabelle Thong is a fun summer read, and provides a great insider's point of view to life in France!"
    —Maxime Pilon, author of The French in Singapore: An Illustrated History (1819 - Today)

    "A comic triumph. A delightfully funny debut that’s perfect for the beach – and Paris. Every page is replete with warmth and wit."
    —The Business Times

  • Imran Hashim fell in love with France a little late in life (in his teens) but made up for it by studying French with a vengeance at the National University of Singapore. He went on to win a French Government Scholarship for his postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne and Sciences Po Paris. Apart from providing the inspiration for his first novel, his time in Paris prepared him for jobs with an international focus, and is currently working for a British university.

ISBN: 9789814785945
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 320
Year Published: 2018
Size: 198mm x 129mm