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The Woke Salaryman Crash Course on Capitalism & Money: Lessons from the World's Most Expensive City

Publisher: Wiley
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  • Written by the founders of the top personal finance blog in Singapore, this is not your typical personal finance guide. This book will take you through the frustrations you will feel as a newcomer to the world of money, all the way to the mindset necessary to thrive for the rest of your life.

    The Woke Salaryman melds personal finance, economics, sociology and psychology to create a book that simply and succinctly explains money and capitalism. It's an antidote to rising discontentment and frustration about the society we live in, without being populist or pandering to the 'eat the rich' ideology so commonly found on social media.

    The book will feature a collection of comics by The Woke Salaryman, including some of the most resonant comics they have done plus new ones that haven't yet been published. The comics will be accompanied by commentaries on the themes/topic the story will discuss. The commentaries will range from authors' notes, commentary on how their online readers reacted to the piece and what they take from it, to things such as further reading/references on the topic.

  • The Woke Salaryman is a Singapore-based finance webcomic and blog founded by content creators Ruiming He and Wei Choon Goh. They make the complex and often dry or technically difficult topic of personal finance more accessible and a lot more fun to read. "Being a Woke Salaryman isn't about how much money you have, or what's in your investment portfolio. It's about you dedicating yourself to financially bettering yourself, so that you don't fall prey to the sometimes brutal capitalist society that we live in. At the same time, it's also about using your wealth to help society in meaningful ways. It's easy to be rich. It's easy to be kind. It's not easy to be both." As Woke Salarymen, this is what the founders strive to achieve.

ISBN: 9781394226528
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 352
Year Published: 2024
Language: English