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投资为乐 (The Joy of Investing)

Publisher: Self-Published
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  • 为什么即使知道了投资大佬们的方法,很多人依然无法成功地投资?那是因为我们都是普通投资者。本书从普通投资者的角度出发,提供了一整套经过实盘检验的投资方法论,强调了对普通投资者更为适用的成长路径,深入介绍了投资市场的选择、投资知识框架的构建、ETF的运用、带你入门美股期权交易以及迈入期权策略的进阶。通过手把手式的操作指导帮助读者少走弯路少掉坑,提升投资认知水平,实现稳健的财富增长。

    Why do many people fail to succeed in investing even after knowing the methods of investment gurus? It's because we're all ordinary investors. This book approaches from the perspective of ordinary investors and provides a comprehensive set of investment methodologies validated through real trading experiences. Emphasizing paths more suitable for ordinary investors, it delves into market selection, constructing investment knowledge frameworks, utilizing ETFs, and guides you from the basics to advanced strategies in trading US stock options. Through practical, hands-on guidance, it helps readers avoid pitfalls, enhance investment awareness, and achieve steady wealth growth.

  • Bill Huang holds an MBA degree from University of Sunderland and has served as IT director in several listed companies and unicorn startups in Singapore. Residing in Singapore, he is a renowned financial blogger on Tiger Brokers, securing the top 3 position in the 2023/2024 real trading competition, he was awarded the Tiger Creator Lifetime Achievement Award.

ISBN: 9789811894657
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 340
Year Published: 2024
Size: 210mm x 145mm
Language: Chinese