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Fall in Love With These Books This Valentine's Day

Fall in Love With These Books This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Whether you plan to spend it on a date or on your own, a good book makes great company. It’s the perfect excuse to pick up a romance novel for yourself or as thoughtful gifts for a fellow book-lover. Here are some books to fall in love with this Valentine's Day!

For the Ones Who Dream of Finding Love Abroad

Longlisted for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2015, Imran Hashim's Annabelle Thong follows a Singaporean protagonist who moved to Paris with a plan to pursue her post-grad degree and to find love. However, when she does find Prince Charming, he may not be Mr Right after all.

For the Ones Who Are Under Family Pressure


Feeling the familial pressure to get married? You might be in the same boat as Ratu in Love, Lies and Indomee. To avoid her mother’s nagging and being forced into an arranged marriage, Ratu turns to the internet to find a boyfriend and gets connected to a stranger online who seems too good to be true. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as this novel highlights the struggles of finding true love and one’s right to happiness.

Meet Andrea Tang: A successful career woman in her thirties, she has amazing friends, and even owns a posh condo. She checks off everything on her Chinese-Malaysian’s list of expectations except marriage and kids. With a recent breakup leaving her love life non-existent, join her in her pursuit of finding love in Last Tang Standing.

For the Ones Who Love Romeo and Juliet

Lion Boy and Drummer Girl is set in a time where LeoPop is the latest craze and the lion dance troupe Lion Legends are the new idols. The story revolves around lion dancer Ricky who has eyes for dummer girl Ying Ying, but she doesn't seem to care for the Leopop fad nor Ricky. Can romance blossom between these two opposites?


For the Ones Who Believe in the Power of Love

In A Leap of Love, an ancient western tradition allows women to propose to men without being rejected every leap year. Li Ann, an attractive, modern woman in Singapore, has turned down suitors as she strongly believes in “soul-mates”. On 29 February one leap year, she serendipitously spots Jeremy in a café. She thinks he’s “The One” and uses the tradition to ask him out. They continue to meet up but only on the 29th of February. As Fate interferes and tests these two star-crossed lovers, can love endure and overcome it all?

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