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Books for the Kids

Books for the Kids

Have loads of fun with the kids at home—and introduce them to the wonderful world of reading. Here are some fresh titles we know you'll want to add to your children's library.

The Kung Fu Force and the Tower of Doom
They’re small. They’re cute. They’re warriors. And there’s no problem they cannot solve!

Meet the Kung Fu Force: Lucas the Lizard, Brady the Bengal Cat and Coco the Cockatoo. They train with Shifu Seong the Seahorse, to master their kung fu skills to help the world.

But when the group is called to save someone from a collapsing building, Brady can't channel his chi. What can the Kung Fu Force do to save the day?

#2 on Epigram's Bestseller list:
Secrets of Singapore: National Gallery

The latest addition to the popular Secrets of Singapore series is here! This time, we go behind the scenes to explore the National Gallery Singapore, which has the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art. Imagine that! 

You'll learn astonishing secrets and fun facts about the building and artworks inside: For instance, did you know there is a special lift that can carry the equivalent weight of several elephants? Or big trucks. Or the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower (if they could be squeezed into that lift, that is). 

The Womps: Pinto's Pinky Promises
Pinto has just learnt about the power of the pinky promise and starts making pinky promises to help the rest ofthe Womps with their chores.

The only problem is: Pinto has promised to help them all at the same time! What can Pinto do to get out of this predicament?  Find out in this brand new entertaining and educational series for the young.

Sengkang Snoopers: The Secret of the Tiger’s Den
The sequel to bestselling The Mystery of the Hermit's Hut is finally out! This time, the Snoopers—Su Lin, Su Yang, Zizi and Bus, along with their trusty sidekick Kuning, a yellow-naped Amazon parrot they rescued—are on Sentosa, where they find a scrap from what appears to be directions leading to a treasure. Right there, in a secret corner of the island!

But before they can find it, they encounter a Japanese couple, who are pleasant enough, but they too, have a secret they're not telling... will the Snoopers be able to solve this new mystery in time? 

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