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Winning With Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership, and Life


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Following the success of their first book "The Leader, The Teacher, & You", which won the Singapore Literature Book Prize in the Non-Fiction Category in 2014, Siong Guan and Joanne H Lim have collaborated again to produce their new book "Winning with Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership, and Life". The book draws upon wisdom from history, geography, culture, religion, the wisdom of the ancients, as well as writings and examples from all over the world. The book posits that there is a universality in the message of Honour that can prove valuable to all who would care to reflect on how to sustain success in one's life, family, community, organisation and/or nation.

The purpose of this book is to invite you to think about what winning in life actually means, and seeks to raise consciousness about the virtue of Honour in our lives, particularly in the two dimensions of "Honouring Our Word" and "Honouring Each Other".

Segmented into 10 parts and drawing from a collection of wisdom literature, the book posits that Honour does not just explain Singapore's journey from Third World Economy to First World Economy in a generation, but is an essential virtue that undergirds purposefulness in life, happiness in family, stability in society, advantage in business, success in leadership, and security in the nation. Written in a unique format that is accessible to people from all walks of life, the book seeks to showcase what is possible if imagination and human enterprise are coupled with honour.

Sample Chapter(s)
Part 1: Honour: Small Thought, Big Idea (186 KB)


  • Affirmations
  • Appreciation
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Honour:
    • Small Thought, Big Idea
  • Part II: Honour for a Satisfied Life:
    • Honouring Our Humanity
  • Part III: Honour for the Future:
    • Honouring Our Chances for Success
  • Part IV: Honour in Relationships:
    • Honouring the Building Blocks of Our Life
  • Part V: Honour in Individuals:
    • Honouring Our Identity
  • Part VI: Honour in Families:
    • Honouring Our First Relationships
  • Part VII: Honour in Communities:
    • Honouring Our Responsibility
  • Part VIII: Honour in Organisations:
    • Honouring Our Potential
  • Part IX: Honour in Leadership:
    • Honouring Our People
  • Part X: A Study of Singapore, A Study of Honour:
    • Small City, Small State
  • Closing Thoughts: Honour Honour:
    • Making Our Future

About the Authors
Lim Siong Guan was appointed Group President of GIC in September 2007. The GIC manages the financial reserves of the Singapore government.

He was Chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board from October 2006 to June 2009. The Board is the Singapore government's lead agency for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore's position as a global business centre. Much of its work is attracting international corporations to set up manufacturing and services activities in Singapore as critical links in the global supply chain. He has been an Adjunct Professor in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore since 2005, instructing on leadership and change management, as well as a Senior Fellow of the Civil Service College since 2006.

Siong Guan was the Head of the Singapore Civil Service from September 1999 to March 2005. He has been the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence (1981–1994), the Prime Minister's Office (1994–1998), the Ministry of Education (1997–1999) and the Ministry of Finance (1999–2006). In every appointment he introduced innovative policies and practices which enhanced the drive, capacity, capability and performance of the organization.

He has chaired the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (2004–2006), the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (2004–2006) and, the Central Provident Fund Board (1986–1994) and has been a board member of many companies including Temasek, the other sovereign wealth fund manager of Singapore.

Siong Guan has co-authored with Joanne H Lim the book The Leader, The Teacher & You — Leadership Through the Third Generation, a book on leadership and governance. He is a member of the SwissRe Advisory Panel and of the International Board of the stars Foundation, a Swiss foundation that promotes leadership development for leaders of the next generation. He chairs the Board of Directors of Honour (Singapore), a charity that seeks to promote the culture of honour and honouring in Singapore.

Joanne H LIM is the Founder and Creative Director of The Right PerspectiveSG, a consultancy specialising in writing, branding, presentations, strategic communications, and collateral design for individuals, businesses, and institutions. The Right PerspectiveSG works closely with its clients to enable their success by creating the right perspective in the minds of their stakeholders through sharp strategy, measured messaging, innovative initiatives, and detailed design.

Following high school, where she authored her school's creed, “Live with Passion, Serve with Compassion,” Joanne was awarded a full scholarship to pursue an undergraduate degree at Princeton University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Policy, and a certificate in East Asian Studies. During her time at Princeton, Joanne was awarded the President's Prize and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society for outstanding academic excellence.

After graduating from Princeton, Joanne worked at PSA International Pte Ltd (PSA), one of the world's leading port operators, for six years. At PSA, Joanne worked closely with Senior Management on strategic projects, and honed her skills in external and internal communications, branding, strategic events management, as well as collateral design and production.

Following PSA, Joanne was awarded a merit scholarship to pursue a Masters in Wealth Management at the Singapore Management University, where she graduated among the top five of her class and was awarded the Portcullis Wealth Management Prize. After attaining her Masters, Joanne worked at Goldman Sachs and UBS AG, before joining the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

At EDB, Joanne worked extensively with leading companies in the areas of luxury fashion, luxury watches, fashion accessories, furniture, and toys. She solely helmed the logo design as well as the development of seven different types of promotional collateral for a national visual arts project, Gillman Barracks.

ISBN: 9789813108646
Format: Paperback
Pages: 472pp
Published: 2016

ISBN: 9789813108646