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What makes a Champion!

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What drives great and successful individuals – be they athletes, artists, or scientists or businesses, to achieve the extraordinary ?Over fifty champions from all walks of life, brought together by Allan Snyder, draw on their experiences to explore the secrets of success in this inspiring, revealing and thought-provoking book. Hear from the authors what made a McDonalds’ branch become the most successful in the world; how a cottage business is catapulted into a world brand; how a visual artist’s work crosses almost every medium imaginable; how an Ernst and Young setup becomes a top-notch employer; or why many geniuses or brilliant individuals never become champions, while many “ordinary” individuals do; why many people don’t know about their talent; what constitutes a champion outcome; and the neurological explanation for championship. Straddling academia and practitioners in all fields—government, entertainment, sports, business, arts, education, medicine, media—the authors include business CEOs, sports managers, entertainment gurus and best-selling authors. Contributing authors include: Nelson Mandela, Edmund Hillary, Corazon Aquino, John Eales, Poppy King, Gustav Nossal, Baz Luhrmann, Bryce Courtenay, Peter Doherty, George Negus, Herb Elliott, Shane Gould, John Howard, Pat O’Shane, Richard Butler, Leonie Kramer, Anne Summers, Ron Clarke, Di Morrissey, Phillip Adams, and Harry M Miller.

ISBN: 9789814612845
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 244
Year Published: 2014