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Singular Acts of Endearment


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  • This is a story where nothing happens. Think William Gaddis minus the unattributed dialogue. Think Joyce’s Ulysses when the citizen’s biscuit tin gets hurled through the air. It’s dramatic but the act doesn’t have a purpose. It doesn’t translate. After twenty years abroad, Jasmine Lee-Heschel has returned to Singapore to read literature at college. Jasmine is Jewish-Chinese. Her Dad has stayed behind in Massachusetts. He insists on email correspondence, so she pays attention to what he’s saying. Ma is a cursory presence, and Prof is an accidental father figure. Uncle Han checks in on Ah Gong, who’s dying of cancer. A year to live is the doctor’s prognosis. A caretaker at a plant nursery, Ah Gong is bent on building a garden for their HDB flat. To appease him, Jasmine seems tasked to take Ah Gong to what small enclaves of nature still exist on the island. There’s, of course, a boy. And there’s the dead Nina who saw an angel. But everything stands still, like a tree in the middle of pasture. And everything, shifting in and out of perspective, attempts to dip into the eminently unreadable.

  • Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé is the author of an epistolary novel, a hybrid work, a neo-noir proem suite, and six poetry collections. Founding editor of Squircle Line Press, Desmond has edited over fifteen books and co-produced three audio books, several pro bono for non-profit organizations.

ISBN: 9789810913410
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 344
Year Published: 2014