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Savitri: The Task for the Mighty Demon

PART OF Asia's Lost Legends SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books

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šŸŽRecommended for ages 3 and above
Shortlisted for Singapore Book Awards 2018 (Best Childrenā€™s Picture Book)

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In a South Indian village, a girl named Savitri has a greedy brother who summons a mighty demon to work for him. The demon, Rakshasa, tells him he must be kept busy or he will eat the brother. Eventually, the brother runs out of tasks for Rakshasa, and Savitri must think of an impossible task to keep Rakshasa busyā€“she challenges the demon to straighten her curly hair.

About the Author
Catherine Khoo is the founder and director of Janus Education, Singaporeā€™s first boutique publisher of imprints for under-18s, by under-18s. She was editor-in-chief of Asia 21, the only Asian publication that has been selected by the Ministry of Education as essential reading for their Humanities syllabus. Catherine is also the creator behind the Savvy series, having published two bestselling books. Singapore Savvy: 50 Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and Malaysia Savvy: Top Profiles in Management.

She is also the author of Love Notes and Golden Legends, a collection of legends from around the world.

About the Illustrator
Lai Hui Li is a Singapore-born Malaysian who has always loved to draw. She studied animation at Nanyang Polytechnic, and is currently a full-time illustrator at CraveFX. Digital is her main medium, and she occasionally paints in other mediums too. She is the illustrator for Ace Agent Spycat and the Flying SidekickĀ andĀ Dream Island: The Mad, Mad World of Philip YeoĀ andĀ Freddy the Eager Fundraiser.

ISBN: 9789810732776
Format:Ā Paperback
Size:Ā 210 x 260mm
Pages:Ā 32pp
Published:Ā AugustĀ 2017

ISBN: 9789810732776