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Move Over Bird

Publisher: Math Paper Press

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Miho entertains you with various forms of poetry she follows or invents.
In seven poems from the first section, the poet breaks an ordinary day into pieces and rebuilds them in fourteen sentences. “Backyard”, for example, takes you here: The screened porch collects a thick layer of dust. It’s seemingly very quiet, yet her backyard is a battlefield for songbirds. While the rain is as soft as a marsh bunny, you might wonder with her: What wishes should I make with a single coin?
She also writes a song-like poem – a style she learned from reading a vast range of haiku. “Sudoku” appeared in two anthologies and is illustrated into whimsical collage by artist Lisa Anne Cullen.
In this collection, she also translated her own Japanese haiku and tanka into English. She delights in connecting with readers through her delicate and transcendental artistry of her ongoing poetic musings.

ISBN: 9789811150845
Format: Paperback
Pages: 89

ISBN: 9789811411984