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  • Description
  • This purchase comes with 2 Chinese illustrated books!

    The stories in the “Creative Lion” Illustrated Graded Book Series are the winning entries of the National Creative Story Writing Competition for Secondary Students held in 2019. The stories are imbued with whimsical and fascinating elements, making them attractive to young readers. Clever and original illustrations by local artists add to their attractiveness.

    The Graded Readers is named “Qi Shi Miao Xiang” in Chinese, where the character shi (meaning “lion”) alludes to Singapore, often known as the Lion City. It is intended to be a pun of the character si (meaning “thinking” or “thought”). The Chinese title of the Graded Reader series thus encapsulates the essential features of the stories - creative, imaginative and uniquely Singapore.

    The whole series consists of 8 books, classified into 4 grades, 2 books for each grade, which are suitable for secondary students.






ISBN: 9789811485206, 9789811485213
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 60
Year Published: 2021
Size: 210mm x 148mm
Language: Chinese