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Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di & Xandy: A Day At Dolphin Island (book 8)

PART OF Sam Sebbie and Di Di Di SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • šŸŽRecommended for ages 3 and above

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    At Dolphin Island, Sam, Sebbie, Di-Di-Di and Xandy get to play with three lively sibling dolphins. Each claims to be the best dolphin of all. This calls for a Water Olympics! Will the dolphin sibling rivalry bring about a splashing good time or havoc to all?

  • David SeowĀ is a well-known childrenā€™s book writer and a staple on the Singapore literary scene. He is an award-winning childrenā€™s book author of 42 well-received childrenā€™s books, includingĀ The Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-DiĀ series, which feature his young niece and nephews as the main characters. Other titles includeĀ Alexander's Adventure MachineĀ andĀ The Littlest Emperor. His latest books areĀ There's Soup on My Fly!,Ā Blow A Kiss,Ā If I Were a Blue Kangaroo,Ā Race to Rio: Joseph Schooling Goes for Olympic Gold,Ā The Royal Pub Pack: Party at the PalaceĀ andĀ Emmaā€™s Elephant.

    Soefara JafneyĀ is an illustrator, art director and designer. She started out in a production house, creating a clothing line, then jumped head first into the advertising industry and finally found comfort in simply producing art. Her designs and illustrations can be found online and on-site. Clients include, KFC, Jacobs, Maxis, Heineken, Nandos,Ā The StarĀ newspaper, Johnsonā€™s & Johnsonā€™s, Quaker, MILO, Nestle, Olympus, Guinness, Great Eastern among many others.

    Currently, she is honing her skills in childrenā€™s book illustrations.ā€ØThe Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-DiĀ series,Ā of books are her first childrenā€™s books.

ISBN: 9789814757904
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 32
Year Published: 2017
Size: 210mm x 260mm