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Cross Connection

Seema Punwani

A woman’s version is seldom the same as a man’s. She looks for the subtexts of emotions (while decoding emoticons) and he is interested in the facts as they stand. Love may exist but it sometimes cannot bridge these gaps. Cross Connection is a story that is inspired from my life and then took a life of its own. Written from the point of view of the two protagonists Sama and Zehn, it’s a tale about the eternal quest for true love...second time over.

Starting with a letter written to her future self, Sama’s journey opens with college romance, and arrives at divorce, following which she commences the next chapter in her life. In her mid-30s, she re-enters the dating world, to find that all the rules have changed. From men who act like they are on The Bachelor TV show to the new variety of MBAs (Married but Available), she trudges through the dating quagmire. But fate keeps bringing Zehn back in her life.

Zehn is discovering how fatherhood has been the best and worst thing that's happened to him. A wife he dislikes, a daughter he can't live without and then there is Sama, who he has known for more than ten years but cumulatively spent less than ten days together. Why does he then have this deep pull that he can't stay away from her?

In today's world where even hope has a shelf life, how long can Sama and Zehn wait for that opportune time?

ISBN: 9789386455963
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Published: 2018

ISBN: 9789386455963