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Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di & Xandy: Storm over Typhoon Theatre (book 10)

PART OF Sam Sebbie and Di Di Di SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • ūüéĀRecommended for ages 3 and above

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    It’s time to visit the Maritime Experiential Museum and its amazing Typhoon Theatre! 
    Sam, Sebbie, Di-Di-Di and Xandy embark upon the adventure of their lives, braving a ship-wrecking thunderstorm. The 4D theatre experience feels so real …but wait, is it really happening?

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  • David Seow¬†is a well-known children‚Äôs book writer and a staple on the Singapore literary scene. He is an award-winning children‚Äôs book author of 42 well-received children‚Äôs books, including¬†The Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di¬†series, which feature his young niece and nephews as the main characters. Other titles include¬†Alexander's Adventure Machine¬†and¬†The Littlest Emperor. His latest books are¬†There's Soup on My Fly!,¬†Blow A Kiss,¬†If I Were a Blue Kangaroo,¬†Race to Rio: Joseph Schooling Goes for Olympic Gold,¬†The Royal Pub Pack: Party at the Palace¬†and¬†Emma‚Äôs Elephant.

    Soefara Jafney is an illustrator, art director and designer. She started out in a production house, creating a clothing line, then jumped head first into the advertising industry and finally found comfort in simply producing art. Her designs and illustrations can be found online and on-site. Clients include, KFC, Jacobs, Maxis, Heineken, Nandos, The Star newspaper, Johnson’s & Johnson’s, Quaker, MILO, Nestle, Olympus, Guinness, Great Eastern among many others.

    Currently, she is honing her skills in children’s book illustrations.
The Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di series, of books are her first children’s books.

ISBN: 9789814757928
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 32
Year Published: 2018
Size: 260mm x 210mm (P)