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The Diary of Amos Lee: Girls, Guts and Glory! (book 2)

PART OF The Diary of Amos Lee SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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    I write my diary in the toilet to get away from my troubles, like having to compete with Michael, the bully who’s in the swim team with me, and falling out with my best friend, Alvin, over a girl! My diary goes wherever I go as there are those who want to read it. For I know secrets, like how to break my sister’s curse and how babies are made… 

  • “From school to market, everything is familiar but fresher from a precocious child’s point of view, and the illustrations are quirky and cute. A clever idea and a pleasurable read.”
    —Tan Shee Lah, Lifestyle

    “It has delightful local flavour, humour, sketches and even unwanted comments from Mom (who corrects his spelling, of course) and Dad. It introduces uniquely Singaporean sights and sounds like the Kopi lingo used at coffeeshops…”
    —Wong Siow Yuen, Young Parents

    “The latest instalment in this popular series, written in an appealing diary format. Local readers can identify with characters who, like themselves, have grown up
    —The Sunday Times

  • Adeline Foo is an MFA graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. She has 24 published children’s books, including seven national bestsellers. The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush! won the inaugural Red Dot award for “Best Junior Fiction” presented by the International School Libraries Network (Singapore) in 2009. The Diary of Amos Lee: I'm Twelve, I'm Tough, I Tweet! won second runner-up at the Popular Readers’ Choice Award in 2011. The Diary of Amos Lee is also published in India, Indonesia, China and the Slovak Republic. It has also been adapted for a 10-part TV series on Singapore’s MediaCorp children’s channel, okto.

    Stephanie Wong is a designer who has illustrated nine books, had two exhibitions and conducted workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Phuket and India. She loves do nothing beach holidays and exploring hidden gems in citiesFor other adorkable projects, news and random musings, visit or check out her swanky new website

ISBN: 9789810726782
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 122
Year Published: 2009
Size: 140mm x 215mm