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Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!

In Praise Of Flowers

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  • In Praise of Flowers Collection is a tribute to the last moments of life that cut flowers offer us, by exploring their shapes, stories and symbols. It is a research in nine chapters dedicated to nine different flowers: the Peony, an impressionist muse, the fragrant Lavender, the majestic Hydrangea, the Asian Orchid, the showstopper Lily, the delicate Tulip, the Narcissus and its reflection, the solemn Rose and the frail Baby's Breath.

    This book encapsulates the stories of the flowers and the inspirations behind the nine creations that made up the In Praise of Flowers Collection. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to each flower and their corresponding vase, revealing the historical stories, symbolisms, archetype and the needs of each flower that inspired the creations.

    Designed and printed in Singapore.

  • Inspired by the calmness and the beauty of the feline creature, Tan Wei Jing explores the interaction between a play of negative spaces, geometric shapes, and bold wireframes. From hand-held products to furniture pieces, Wei Jing presents work characterized by modularity and her strong style of simple serenity. This embedded consistent human-zen approach in her designs projects a warm and innovative vitality in everything she creates.

    Wei Jing's portfolio:

ISBN: 9789811847967
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 104
Year Published: 2022
Size: 230mm x 160mm