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Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!

Snapshot: Little India

Publisher: Amanda Harrison
  • Description
  • Tikka, Tekka, saris and samosas, Mustafa's, murtabak, dosa and dhania – colours, smells and sounds; the Little India assault course for the senses.

    Streets shimmer with jewel-like saris, pavements heave with gnarled and spiked fruits, strange vegetables: a jungle of the unknown garish. Bright lights and brighter plastics glare from shop recesses, the walkways throng with wares no-one knew they needed...yet all around are whispers of the past – the rustle of bamboo clumps along the Rochor Canal conjured up in the Hokkien name for Tekka Market, Tek Kia Kha or 'foot of the small bamboos'.

    Memories of the British racecourse linger in racecourse road, which served as a golf course on non-race days and occasionally a makeshift landing strip for the first planes.

ISBN: 9789817957202
Cover Type: Hardback
Page Count: 90
Size: 140mm x 140mm